September 1, 2014

FACEBOOK disabled my account

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Because they say “Mudd Lavoie” isn’t my REAL NAME.

ALL my social networking accounts are under the name Mudd Lavoie — Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn… and probably others I’m too upset to remember at the moment (it’s past 5:00 AM and I’m STILL awake).

People have known me as “Mudd” since 1982. And as “Lavoie” since 1950. What MORE can I do to prove I’m not a FAKE???!!!

Hey Facebook Friends = I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!
Hope to have this sorted out SOON.

The Real Mudd


August 13, 2014

my life just took a WHOLE new direction

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that’s all i can say for now…

fuck yeah!

UPDATE — August 14, 2014

SORRY to disappoint those of you who went STRAIGHT FOR THE DRUMS: I will NOT be taking drum lessons, becoming a drummer is NOT the *new direction* in question. Though if I MUST do so in order to make you happy, I’ll try. Nah… probably not.

June 5, 2014

garden update – a few herbs, more vegetables, and a NEW chest (sort of)

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Cooler temperatures with a nice breeze and cloudy skies made yesterday (Wednesday) the best day to be productive. And productive we were!

The B. and I started with the eggplant: Listada, Green Apple, Bonica (the classic).

We then planted the only Zucchini Romanesco which The B. had grown from a seed in the comfort of her condo. Other Zucchini Romanesco seeds were planted before we covered everything with this veil to keep the bad bugs out.

Here you have the Italian Parsley. We planted some Thyme of Provence next to it, and there’s also Rosemary growing nearby.

Isn’t this the cutest little Purple Basil baby? It will grow in the shade of the lovage plant, on the left, and whatever’s on the right (can’t remember the name). We planted basil seeds beside the tomatoes, so it’ll also be in the shade. The B. says basil doesn’t like too much sun.

And finally, remember the rickety chest The B. was stuck with? And how she was promised a better one? Well, her dream came true: introducing THE NEW CHEST.

The inside looks like the entrance to the catacombs…

I hope The Verdun Horticultural Society won’t come looking for its sign, because that would leave The B. with a dirty topless chest. HA!

June 3, 2014

garden update

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Spent yesterday afternoon with The B., in the garden, under the sun — it was 28 degrees Celsius (82F) but felt like 35 (95F) thanks to the humidex factor. Still, the grow must go on! (garden humour, haaaaaa)

Between gulps of water and breaks in the shade, we ended up planting:

Tomatoes — Pantano Romanesco x 2

Tomatoes, one of each — Cherry Black,
San Manzarno, Celebrity and Cœur de bœuf

Pimentos known as ‘D’espellette’ & Pepper – Mini mix

I was amazed to see how the lettuce had grown in just one week…

And even more amazed to learn I’d be eating some for supper!

My share of the crop — Nature’s delicious little miracles. Mmmmmm…

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