September 5, 2014

FACEBOOK SAGA — is there life after facebook?

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morning tweet

Is there life after #Facebook?
Maybe I’ll become an international spy.
Or take cooking classes.
Spy sounds more fun.
Going with spy.

Any other suggestions?


September 3, 2014

FACEBOOK SAGA — everything happens for a reason

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FOUR DAYS and counting

My Facebook account has been disabled for four days, now. Four days of emailing back and forth with The Facebook People… discussing my case… sending them all sorts of proof confirming I’m the authentic Mudd Lavoie and not someone claiming to be Mudd Lavoie.

That’s the weird thing about this sudden investigation: The Facebook People seem to be more worried about me not being the real Mudd Lavoie than they are about “Mudd Lavoie” not being a real name.

Of course, this whole issue could be resolved in a snap if I agreed to send them the proof of identity they ask for. LEGAL proof.

But no can do: my name isn’t “Mudd Lavoie.”
My name is “[*#%*] Lavoie.

See? I can’t even mention my real name.
Which is why I’m referring to it as [*#%*].

WHY I refuse to call myself [*#%*]

It’s not that I hate the name [*#%*] — I don’t mind if other people have that name — but for me, the name [*#%*] is associated with my childhood, the sexual abuse, and the fact that I spent my life not loving myself. Not loving the little girl called [*#%*].

Thus, there’s no bloody way I’m going back to calling myself [*#%*] just to make Facebook happy. Sorry.

HOW I adopted MUDD

Back in 1982, I worked with a community group in Pointe-Saint-Charles called the Conseil de développement du logement communautaire (CDLC). We were seven young women and men on a mission to help people form housing co-ops. Then one day — I must have been working there a year — another [*#%*] Lavoie was hired and it became confusing when people called for [*#%*] Lavoie: each time, we had to ask questions in order to identify which one of us they were referring to.

I figured this was as good a time as ever to change my name!

“Maude” was my first choice: I loved Bea Arthur’s character in the TV series Maude and I aDOred Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude. So I asked the CDLC guys and gals to call me Maude.

That same day, one of the architects came by to tell me the only Maude he knew was a cute little girl, sooo… — — — What??!! I was too old (then 32) and too damn ugly to be called Maude??!! He was joking, of course, but I was quick to reply: “Call me Mud — Here’s mud in your eye!”

The next day, another architect came by to tell me he wouldn’t be able to call me Mud because it meant… you know… mud. Again, I was quick to reply: “Then call me Mudd… with two Ds!”

When I left the CDLC in 1983, they gave me the COOLEST going away present EVER: my Mudd signature, blown up BIG, and made into a neon sign. I don’t have a picture at hand… the sign is at my son’s place… I’ll post a pic as soon as I can.

THE REASON this is happening

For more than fifteen years, I’ve been wanting to legally change my name to Mudd Lavoie. Here in Québec, the process takes about 90 days and costs roughly $500… which in my world is a FORTUNE. But if I want to truly BE who I AM, then it’s time to make the change.

Don’t forget to DANCE.

September 3, 2014

FACEBOOK SAGA – this is mental torture!

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Going on FOUR days barred from Facebook
and what do I find in my emails? THIS:

They’re messin’ with my mind. – – – Arrrrrrrrgh!

September 3, 2014

FACEBOOK SAGA – nothing to report

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No blog post tonight — it’s already past midnight… it’s already tomorrow. But here’s my tweet:

Sorry: no update tonight on my disabled #Facebook account. It’s been over 3 days, now. Blog post later on. Still need to think. LUV U

I’m giving myself another few hours of reflexion before I take my decision. This is serious stuff. Oh yeah.